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Pisschrist, cover art. 2006

Mass Separation graphic side from their split with Selfmadegod.

also used as t-shirt graphic.


Selfmadegod side graphic from their split with Mass Separation.

both are great grind bands from Malaysia.

another mid 2K works.

this one is a commission from a hardcore band from Holland called Nothing Done, cover art and t-shirt graphic.

still in early to mid 2K works.

this one is used as Secret 7 (a fastcore band from Singapore in the vein of  Scholastic Deth) Indo Tour Poster art, official tour t-shirt graphic and their full length cover art.

one of my favorite works because it’s used for Brones Brigade‘s “Endless Bummer” limited cover art. and i love Bones Brigade.

an artwork for Reproach (Belgium) – 7” cover art a couple of years ago, done in 2 hours..