still in early to mid 2K works.

this one is used as Secret 7 (a fastcore band from Singapore in the vein of  Scholastic Deth) Indo Tour Poster art, official tour t-shirt graphic and their full length cover art.

back to the local contribution.

i do admire Extreme Decay, legendary grind band from Malang.

i met them in Yogyakarta, 2004. and this one is my admiration to them. later they used it for t-shirt graphic.

once, a thrashcore band where i played drums built a site and displayed some of my drawings.

i didn’t know that i would give a big impact world wide.

Krogh, who runs a webzine from Sweden called Attack Webzine emailed me and interviewed me.

it was probably in 2001.

he also put some of my drawings on his webzine. this is probably my first international existence.

next person who contacted me and started some projects is Xavier of  Still Holding On Records from Belgium.

i will soon upload more and more of my early works. haven’t compiled them completely so far.

one of my favorite works because it’s used for Brones Brigade‘s “Endless Bummer” limited cover art. and i love Bones Brigade.

an artwork for Reproach (Belgium) – 7” cover art a couple of years ago, done in 2 hours..

a traditional cut n paste artwork for my old thrashcore band called Domestik Doktrin, found this cute face of reeves on the magazine, cut it n paste it on an A4 paper and i added my hand drawing.

get in the pit, mthrfckrs!!!